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Daniel Hertz Master Class is a music player software for Mac with revolutionary capabilities. For the first time in audio history, listeners can have the sound and feeling of SACD and the best analog master tapes from PCM digital sources including CD and compressed music downloads. Master Class enables the listener to dial in the most subtle corrections and well as the most dramatic. For music lovers who want the most natural sound, Master Class is at the top of the wish list. > More details

In 1984, Mark Levinson founded Cello, Ltd. to go beyond the limits of current audio playback. The first product of Cello, Ltd. was the Audio Palette, the world’s first state of the art equalizer, designed to fine tune music program material to obtain the most natural sound. Today, vintage Audio Palettes sell for USD 15,000 – 20,000 if one can be found.

Audio Palettes were used by both residential listeners and professional studios like Polygram, BMG and Atlantic, Records. Based on specifications developed by Dick Burwen, Mark’s electronics mentor, The Audio Palette had a dynamic range of 110dB and other phenomenal performance specs. The Audio Palette contained over 6,000 parts, 48 discrete amplifiers, and handmade 59 position rotary controls using 1% tolerance metal film resistors. Hand engraved panels and knobs represented the ultimate in cosmetic refinement and elegance. The new price of the Audio Palette at the end of it’s production was USD 25,000.

Daniel Hertz now introduces Master Class, the digital version of the Audio Palette, with even higher performance and many cool features like the ability to store and load playlists and presets, and to print new AIFF files with all changes embedded. Master Class also offers A+, an algorithm that fills in the spaces of the PCM step function waveform to obtain a more analog-like listening experience from all PCM digital audio formats. Read the full Daniel Hertz Master Class review (Mono & Stereo Audio Magazine, June 2014) by Matej Isak. The dedicated Master Class preset section in the DH forum enables users of Daniel Hertz speakers and Master Class to share their preferences in recorded music, and the presets they create for fine tuning them. Master Class owners sit in the front row.


Audio Clips & Free Presets


Artist: Coleman Hawkins Track: Bird of Prey Blues Album: The High And Mighty Hawkins

Plaback: stopped

Download: M10 Master Class Preset File

Artist: Livingston Taylor Track: Isn't She Loveley Album: Ink

Playback: stopped

Download: M10 Master Class Preset File



Technical Specifications

  Master Class is a 64-bit native Mac application for OS X version 10.8 or higher. The Master Class software application is copy protected using a proprietary “Code Meter” USB key from WIBU Systems (included).
  CPU: Intel CPU (min. Dual Core 2GHz recommended)
  Memory: min. 2 GB RAM recommended
  Operating System: Mac OS 10.8.2 or higher
  Screen Resolution: Minimum: 1024x768
  Supported formats: AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3
  Free USB port for USB-key from WIBU (license management)
  Audio Clips: Go to the Master Class audio samples library
  Presets: Share and download free Master Class presets

User Manual Download

  Master Class Software Version 1.03 User Guide

Buy Master Class

  $600 Master Class Software (download) + $50 express shipping (Wibu license dongle)

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