Exclusive Q&A with Mark Levinson (DH)
Join us on October 18 - 25 for an exclusive Q&A session with audio legend and Daniel Hertz founder Mark Levinson. Ask your questions!  
Master Class Audio Demo Clips
30 ips analog master tape quality from all digital audio formats. Listen to the Daniel Hertz Master Class Software real time audio demo section.  
M9 + M10 = Baby Daniel
Baby Daniel compact reference system combines no- compromise performance, affordable cost, wireless connectivity and many more practial advantages.





Highender Audio's Menno De Vries from the Netherlands in Amsterdam demoing the Daniel Hertz M7b loudspeaker model.


Stanley Jordan playing live at Vienna Music Room through the M1 speakers, M5 Mono Power Amps, and a M6 PreAmp.


First Daniel Hertz M Reference System installation in Japan. M1 Speaker powered by four M5 Mono power amps and a M6 preamp.


Gary Karr

“... Mark’s equipment so perfectly and so honestly replicates the extraordinary depths of the sound from my double bass, I feel that I can now at long last, bring my dream of recording the Bach cello suites to fruition. What Mark offers the music world, in my opinion, is the opportunity to hear for the first time in reproduced form,music and soul as it really is.“

Gary Karr - The world's leading solo bassist
Stanley Jordan

"... thank you for letting us use your system in our recording process. It has become an integral part of my sound on the album and I think we're getting my best guitar recordings yet. What I'm noticing is that it does not sound like an audio system at all. It just sounds like there is music in the air. I have no idea how you guys pulled this off, but congratulations - it really sounds amazing!"

Stanley Jordan - Amercian jazz guitarist and pianist